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Brute force and a #4 Philips screwdriver

September 29, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

I drag myself to the keyboard this morning after a successful TINARS launch for Combat Camera last night, bleary eyed, my head thrumming like an overloaded transformer. A great event: I got to meet Russell Smith, Ray Robertson, James Grainger, and any number of others, and to see a whole bunch of people again. I took the opportunity to express a certain dismay over the decline of Andre Alexis — I do hope he will recover from rabies — to one of his more recent bite victims. And people said nice things about my book.

I like it when people say nice things about my book.

Afterwards, I accepted an invitation to discuss literature with a small group of people. Innocent as I am of big-city ways, I had no idea where this would lead, and my habitual discretion prevents me from elaborating. Suffice to say that I had no idea that Dan Wells is such a nimble dancer, especially on such a small table, and that he looks suprisingly fetching in a skirt.

The rest is pretty much a blur.

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