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  1. Bill Dunsmore
    November 28, 2015 at 4:16 pm

    First of all congratulations on a most amazing book. It reminded me of one that I read in sociology….so long ago; Zen and the Art of Motorcycle maintenance. I too have had a long time love affair with guns; don’t know why, perhaps it is the craftsmanship– think Browning. Maybe it’s their link to history (replica 44 M1860 Colt). I also collect binoculars, but to date no type writers.
    We are planning a bucket list trip from Vernon BC to the Yukon, and Alaska, mostly on back highways and dirt roads. We “dry camp” frequently in our Bigfoot solar equipped camper on any section of crown land we can. Save for diesel and water we are, for the most part stand alone. For safety purposes we carry two firearms, a 22 Winchester 69A and a 348 Winchester. I told you I loved history!
    On researching this trip (yes it is doable, and very simply as well. Write for details) I discovered two basic issues. First the Americans have a very hardened border protected by agents of the Office of Homeland Security , these agencies include the BATF, as well as Customs and immigration. Past this hard Federal outer shell lies the Aegis of 50 different State laws. Federal and state politicians do not play well with each other; In many cases their laws are in conflict . In certain cases, states such as Idaho directly inform their state controlled and municipal police forces from prosecuting any Federal gun laws. The feds on the other hand lack the personnel to do so.These issues seems to be exacerbated by the legalization of Marijuana in Colorado, and Washington. On one hand tokers disobey Federal laws and if they own firearms are in violation of federal law as well (Prohibited Persons List) The concept of Sanctuary Cities also causes confusion.
    I looked into the prospect of Americans changing or modifying the second amendment and figured that getting congress on side with 2/3 supermajorities was a pipe dream. The concept of a “States ” driven initiative-never done before- looked even more formidable. Perhaps the only way out would be for the Supreme Court to re examine their latest decisions. Not likely!
    The only course of action appears to be logical moderation on both sides. In Canada it looks like we have struck an almost even handed approach. It will remain to see our the Liberal government deals with C42.
    Somebody once told me the Allan Rock asked a senior civil servant what would happen if he brought in C98? and was told he would get a gun lobby and spend a lot of money to no avail!
    At any rate thanks for the book, your service and being a beacon of common sense.


  2. Brien
    January 8, 2016 at 2:47 pm

    Congratulations on the book and your comments, insight, observations in your CBC discussion. I do hope this discussion gets wider circulation in the US.

    Thank you for calling the nuts exactly what they are; it is one thing to argue a legitimate constitutional, human-rights, moral case; it is something else to be sociopathic and insist that one has a right to do whatever one considers reasonable.

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