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On the pain of using spell-checkers

I don’t, generally. But sooner or later you have to use the spell-checker just to make sure you didn’t miss a “teh” or conduct a “negotation,” or something like that. So I did so today, in finishing up the manuscript, and found both those things.

And I discovered the myriad shortcomings of the useless spell-checker included with OpenOffice. Let’s ignore the fact that it thinks “Canadian” spelling is just British spelling with a funny accent. This thing doesn’t know any real-world words.

Such as “fuck.” It has no dictionary entry for “fuck.” This is a word in the English language, people; stop trying to suggest that I might perhaps mean “muck” or “buck” or “fudge.”

This spelling dictionary of the Canadian language has no entry for deerflies, blackflies, or Yonge.

It is also missing, among other things, crepitus, cheapie, teleconverter, sensitometry, shitpit, jones, earbud, keystoning, hatchling, rotini, blubberfest, flense, brung, victuallers, headspacing, and furball.

Also, banjax.

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