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Mine clearance for dummies

November 26, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

The new Canadian Notes & Queries is out, once again with a cool cover by Seth: the best-looking litmag in Canada. Perhaps the best-looking magazine in Canada, period, although the good-looking guy on the cover of The New Quarterly makes for stiff competition….

But I digress. The new CNQ is out, and it’s The Gender Issue, with lots of articles on gender-related things by the likes of Nicole Dixon, Kerry Clare, Steven Beattie, Amanda Jernigan, and so on.

There’s even a thing called “Mine Clearance for Dummies,” on the challenge of approaching pornography in fiction, by some guy called … oh, hey, that’s me! Whaddaya know. Well, maybe that piece is more properly described as a complaint concerning the schoolyard quality of our public discourse, and a suggestion that fiction is uniquely qualified to expand our understanding. Sounds interesting. Maybe I should read it.

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