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Combat Camera reviewed

I received a fresh, crisp copy of Quill & Quire today, which I chopped up to make a salad, but only after reading the reviews. Included was a review of Combat Camera by Claire Cameron, which, unfortunately, is not available online. I guess if they put all the reviews online so that people like me could link to them, there’d be much less incentive to buy the magazine. Anyway, I can’t link to it, but it says things like this:

A book about a wounded alcoholic and a battered porn star might sound like a grim read, and in some ways that is just what Combat Camera is. Full of violence, both domestic and international, the story is gritty and raw. But Somerset draws connections between disparate places to uncover universal truths about our reactions to violence; in one instance, a smashed mirror in a run-down Toronto apartment seamlessly segues into a broken window in Sarajevo … Ultimately, Zane is a rambling, tragic, and surprisingly funny figure, and his tragic circumstances take on a strange kind of beauty.

If you buy a copy of Quill & Quire, you can read the whole thing. And hey, while you’re at it, why not order a copy of the book? Or two—in case you leave the first on an airplane or something like that. I mean, while you’re in the bookstore … I’m just saying….

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