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I am saddened…

… to read of the passing of Fuji Sensia, via the British Journal of Photography.

I haven’t actually shot a roll of Sensia in five years, which helps to explain why it’s being discontinued. If digital cameras made the demise of colour print film inevitable, colour slide would follow as the professional market turned digital. And Sensia, as a consumer film, would be the first to go.

It seems like the end of an era. I shot a lot of that film. Sensia (RA) was the same stuff as Fuji’s Astia Professional (RAP): same colour rendition, same granularity, and just as reliable. The only difference was the careful lot control on the professional product, and the price. It was good, it was reliable, and it kept costs down. I know I wasn’t alone in using it in place of the more expensive professional films.

It’s silly to lament the loss of a film, I suppose, but there you go.

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