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Edmonton and points beyond

There’s a possibility you’ll actually see some updates on this blog over the next two weeks, as I’ll be physically separated from the puppy to travel to Edmonton and then to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. I am dreading the latter, mostly because I’ve never been to Harrisburg before, haven’t seen the hotel they’ve put me in, and generally don’t like going to the States for work. Edmonton, whatever its shortcomings, is familiar.

In the spirit of road trips, even those conducted by aeroplane, go read this one-question interview with Rebecca Rosenblum, on the subject of road-trip stories.

I feel a pretty strong urge to comment on that post, having spun a road trip into about half a novel, but preventing (a) floor-peeing (b) furniture-chewing (c) ankle-biting has been a higher priority in recent days. I’ll probably get around to it this week.

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